Freser ice makers are efficient and of space-saving desgin. Various models are ready to offer all kinds of ice for bars, restaurants, hotels and a myriad of other applications. It's the best choice for your needs.
Freser dispensers accommodate thin and viscous beverage products, including juice, carbonated drinks, frozen beverages, etc.  Our dispensers are of energy-saving design, green and efficient.
We provide various solutions for our wide line of beverage machines such as automatic coffee machines, tea machine, cup sealer etc. What we do is to enhance the taste and quality of the beverage served.
Freser food bar equipment are designed easy to operate, maintain and clean. Full line of products including popcorn manchines, bun steamers, food cooker, toaster, etc. will perfectly answer the needs of your product range and budget. 
We offer customrized service for show cases and freezers, which feature luxurious appearance, user friendly interface and excellent performance. We not only sell freezers but also offer solutions for energy saving.
Freser sells professional kitchen equipment of worldwide known brands whose wide range of ovens including combined oven, convection oven, microwave oven etc. will definitely exceed your expectations of preparing delicious dishes. 
No good water, no superb food and beverage. We present you innovative Biotek Ozone Water Purifiers and Brita Filters, which eliminate microbes, colours and odours from your water so as to bring you purified water of natural taste and give coffee and tea optimum aroma and flavour.