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The FRESER CONVEYOR IQF, with its stainless steel conveyor belt, delivers the foodstuffs into a polyurethane well-insulated freezing chamber; with -35℃ cooling air blasts over the top of foods, and direct contact with the stainless steel belt at the botton. The steel belt is sprayed ed with -40℃ cold brine from below and cooled down.Under this double freezing effect, foodstuffs can be deeply frozen in quite a short time with identical surface and core temperature.
Since the speed of passing through "Maximun Icing Crystal Formation Zone" is much faster than conventional freezers, the ice crystal formed in small shape and large number, will not destroy the food structure, reserve the freshness and quality, thus the color, taste and flavor can be restored after defrost.

The range from 0℃ to -5℃ is called "Maximum Icing Crystal Formation Zone" in food freezing, and the speed to pass through this temperature zone will influence the size and shape of ice crystal formed, then determine the quality of frozen foods.
    The ice crystal formed in large shape and small quantity among cells, would destroy the food structure, then drip away nutrition and water and lose weight after defrost.
    The crystal formed becomes a large number and minified shape, would not destroy the food structure, reserve the freshness and quality; less weight lost after defrost.