Plat Conveyor IQF
Net Conveyor IQF
Spiral Type IQF
Contact Freezer
Air Blast Freezer


  • Amazing Freeze Speed:
    Aluminum alloy freezing plates press on two sides of products, with - 35℃ refrigerant flowing through and evaporating, reduce half of the time required by air blast freezing.
  • Compact and Efficient:
    Two-leaves, two-pieces door occupy less space when open, doors can be provided on both sides for easy loading and unloading, fast transfer to packing process, enhance production capacity.
  • Healthy and Safe Work:
    Indepenent freezing cabinet makes efficient work, without dressing anti-freeze coat, under room temperature, keeps operators healthy and safe.
  • Labor and Time Saving:
    Electric hydraulic device controls the movement of freezing plates, apply freezing tray and supporting pans for speedy loading that even women can operate.
  • Durable and Quality:
  • PU insulation, galvanized steel construction, stainless steel screws, rust-proof for easy maintenance and sanitation.
  • Economic and Profitable:
    High quality products output means high value, cope with increased production capacity, ensure FRESER CONTACT FREEZER a profitable equipment.