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Ice has been playing an increasingly important role in the agricultural, fishery and frozen food chain industry. Freser Industrial Engineering is committed to planning, design and manufacturing of turnkey ice plant and ice maker units. Over 40 years experience is unceasingly infused into innovation and improving our ice makers. To date, we have not only developed modulized flake ice, tube ice, block ice machines, but also created some ice-making related handy tools of our feature.
Block Ice Plant
♦Construction Flexibility
Block ice making pool constructed on site with galvanized steel, so even if site area constrained, ice pool can enlarge to fit.
♦Longer Durability
Block ice pool FRP cover with slip-proof and less abrasion dust comparing tradition wooden, make pool life longer and stable.
♦Manpower Saving
Block ice plant make operation possible by single person with overhead crane, multiple blocks each crane efficiently.
♦Ergonomic Shape
Ice bin design based on ergonomics, make block ice moving stable and easier. reduce occupation injury, increase duration.
【Ref. Usage】Cooling on boat, fishing markets, chemical cooling, dying process
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