Ammonia Reciprocating Compressor
Pre-fabricated Walk-in Cooler
Manual Sliding Door
Electrical Sliding Door
Push Back Rack
Dock Shelter
Dock Leveler-Vertical Type
Dock Leveler-Slant Type
PVC Curtain
Air Curtain
Speedy Scrolling Door
Ammonia Valves


Leveller Size:2.4 X 1.2 X 0.35 m
Load:3 Tons
Can Be raised:185 cm 
Available Head: 150 cm 
Lifting Time:38 sec
Leveller Size:3.0 X 1.5 X 0.50 m
Load:5 Tons
Can Be raised:230 cm 
Available Head:180 cm 
Lifting Time:64 sec
All standard specification listed above can be customized to meet your requirments.