Ammonia Reciprocating Compressor
Pre-fabricated Walk-in Cooler
Manual Sliding Door
Electrical Sliding Door
Push Back Rack
Dock Shelter
Dock Leveler-Vertical Type
Dock Leveler-Slant Type
PVC Curtain
Air Curtain
Speedy Scrolling Door
Ammonia Valves


  • Wind-Shield
    Overlapping PVC curtain segments provide the perfect light weight wind-shield. Resilient in even srong winds, whilst still maintaining ease of access.
  • Sound-Proof
    The curtain absorbs noise and prevents it's spread,making the working environment more comfortable and therefore improving working efficiency.
  • Energy Efficient
    The curtain contains no mechanical moving parts,consumes no energy and can improve operation energy efficiency by up to 50%!
  • Compressor Operating Rate:
    DATA Operating Rate (%) Power
    A. No Curtain 98.3 0.74
    B. Air Curtain 81.8 0.61( *0.06)
    C. PVC Curtain 42.9 0.32

  1. " * "refers to power consumption of air curtain.
  2. Dimensions of walk-in cold store are 1800 x 1800 x 2060 mm
  3. Refrigeration compressor model:Open-type 750W
  4. Insulated door dimensions:710W X 1750H mm
  5. This experiment was conducted by repeatedly opening the door for 5 minutes and then closing the door for 15 minutes.