Ammonia Reciprocating Compressor
Pre-fabricated Walk-in Cooler
Manual Sliding Door
Electrical Sliding Door
Push Back Rack
Dock Shelter
Dock Leveler-Vertical Type
Dock Leveler-Slant Type
PVC Curtain
Air Curtain
Speedy Scrolling Door
Ammonia Valves


  1. The thickness of the specially made fireproof door canvas,can be selected from 0.8mm to 2.0mm thick materials for different usage's and has 10 optional colours.
  2. Every "Instant Roll" door is equipped with a manual operation handle,to open and close the door easily even during power failures.
  3. Double photoelectric cells prevent the door from falling closed while in use.
  4. Transparent windows in the door improve working safety and working efficiency.